Client Stories

The Anchor Fund makes small grants to survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault to help them meet the challenges of starting over after experiencing abuse. Here are a few of their stories. 

Hidden Woman.png


Emma had been severally abused by her husband and was recovering from eye surgery after an abusive episode left her partially blind. He also stabbed her in front of her children. The Anchor Fund helped pay her rent for a month when she was in financial distress after leaving the home.


Lisa is a domestic violence survivor who is battling cancer and recently underwent surgery. Since she has been unable to work and has young children, The Anchor Fund helped pay a portion of her medical bills.




Molly was sexually assaulted by two unknown men last spring and has had a difficult time recovering from the assault. To make it harder, the criminal case against the men was dropped. She is in her final semester at George Washington University, has no medical insurance or means to pay for therapy since she is putting herself through school. The Anchor Fund was able to pay for more therapy sessions so that Molly could finish her final semester and graduate.